Sam & Rochellie Wedding

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you with love, duo partners for life: Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Sacket!

This vibrant couple united in marriage in the historic Kemper Center Chapel near the shore of Lake Michigan in Kenosha. A wonderful time was had by all as these two beautiful families blended together. It was a lovely honor to get to know the bride and groom and to officiate their wedding.

Enjoy a few excerpts from this special ceremony below. Also, here is a link to their incredible wedding highlight video courtesy of Diamond Eyes Films Sam & Rochellie Wedding Highlight Video.


Sam and Rochellie, may you know in your hearts that your loved ones gone before you are watching over this union with joy, especially Rochellie’s father.


We are here today on the one-year anniversary of Sam and Rochellie’s engagement. Last year, the couple was enjoying a getaway in the Dells, and Sam was anxious to pop the question. He needed a moment to prepare, so he distracted Rochellie by telling her to look out the window. When she turned around, he held Rochellie’s hands and said, “We’ve been together for a very long time now, and I think we should take our relationship to the next step.” He then got down on one knee, ready to move their love story forward with a marriage proposal.

Sam and Rochellie have quite a love story. They added a fun twist to the common, “We met online,” statement. It was actually Zarya that met Reinhardt in a random online gaming group in mid-2016. Two words began it all: “Wanna play?” The characters they play in their favorite game, Overwatch, interacted for two years, and slowly the conversations shifted, and they weren’t just characters to each other anymore…Zarya became Sam from Kenosha, WI, and Reinhardt became Rochellie from Houston, TX.

In 2018, a “gaming tournament” -wink wink- brought Rochellie to Milwaukee to meet Sam in real life. Their connection as their real selves was strong, and it didn’t take long for Rochellie to make the cross country move north to the land where it snows to be with Sam.

Sam and Rochellie have so much fun together online and offline. They know how to work as a team and how to support each other. Their love has beautifully grown over the years, and now they have dogs named after the characters they play, Reinhardt and Zarya, and a game room in their home.

It is said that the couple that prays together stays together. It can also be said that the couple that plays together stays together. Sam and Rochellie, continue your enthusiasm for play and find joy in each other. Work together toward your goals and have each other’s back.

As the years go by and you add more levels to your love story, may you remind yourselves often of what brought you together. Give your connection to each other the attention and care it deserves and focus on what is right between you. Remember always that the happiness of the other person is essential to your own happiness. With each of you taking responsibility for the quality of your life together, it will be blessed with abundance and delight and power-ups.


Sam and Rohellie, this sand ceremony is a beautiful representation of the joining of your lives. Sam and Rochellie each chose a unique color of sand, and that represents their individuality. As the grains of sand get combined into this one vessel, your lives blend together as one family. Each color will always be visible, just as your uniqueness will always remain. However, once these grains of sand intermix, they will become inseparable- just like your union and devotion to each other. You are creating a beautiful, colorful family.



(Sam) Rochellie, my best friend, my lover, my partner. When you arrived in Milwaukee, for the first time, in that red sweater, my heart stopped, and it wasn’t because I was catfished. It was because you were the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, and you were SO SMALL. I know you remember, cause I kept repeating that over and over to you on the car ride to Kenosha. I was infatuated with you and couldn’t believe all this was happening to me.

We’ve been through so much together and we’ve made it through it all. You were there for me throughout nursing school as well as all the other hardships we’ve overcome together and the wonderful times we’ve had, too.

I can’t believe, and never will, that we met through Reddit, on Overwatch, and we lived 1,137 miles apart. Now we live in Kenosha together and have two dogs, Reinhardt and Zarya, named from the heroes we both played when we met. So here we are today, in this chapel, before God, expressing our love and commitment for each other, getting married and celebrating with our families and friends. Who would have imagined…

Rochellie, I promise to love you for who you are and for who you are yet to become. I promise to be patient, kind and remember all things between us are rooted in love. I promise to share my whole heart with you and to remember to show how deeply I care for you no matter what challenges may come our way.

I’m marrying my partner for life. It all started with a video game and signing off at the end of the night, or the early morning depending how well the night went. Now our game will never end. It’s for eternity! I will always love that girl in the red sweater…loyally, passionately, and with devotion.

Rochellie, I LOVE YOU!!!


(Rochellie) Samuel Adam Sacket, My Smokey Bear, Best Friend, Now my forever Duo Partner for Life.

As you know, we came from completely different backgrounds, but we somehow complete each other in many different ways.

Being a person who loves to game and travel while taking risks, I took a chance on you, a stranger from Kenosha, Wisconsin I randomly met on an Overwatch video game subreddit, who would change my life forever. (I didn’t even know where Kenosha was by the way.)

You were skeptical, but I knew that you already loved me. I wasn’t at my best financially and career-wise when I first moved up here, but that all changed with a support system like you by my side.

I will admit I’m terrible at giving compliments, but I will say this because I don’t say it too often. Know this… outside of being a gaming troll during Overwatch, you’re charming, handsome, funny, caring, sweet… you make me feel safe. You make me laugh on days which seem impossible because I know I have such a tough shell, but you are what I need and have been waiting for my entire life to balance me. You are the Zarya to my Reinhardt and complete me in many ways that you can’t imagine.

We’ve come a very long way. We’ve accomplished a lot! We’ve established careers together, bought our first house together, and have two dogs! Two awesome furbabies named after our tank characters.

During that journey, as with any relationship, there were the ups and downs, but every moment was a lesson learned time and time again to help us continue to grow this now forever partnership in many more years to come.

There were times where I did want to give up, but you know me, I never give up. I want to grow old with you and game until we can’t game anymore. I promise to love you, cherish you, and support you no matter what. I’m excited to see what the future holds in this new chapter of our lives.

Time and time again, if it wasn’t for Overwatch, I don’t think we would’ve crossed paths or be here today.

So, let me end it with this…

As Reinhardt from Overwatch says, “I am your shield!” Mr. Samuel Adam.

I love you, Smokey Bear, forever and ever!


Sam and Rochellie, you have officially leveled up! Game on!

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