Mayer-Rodriguez Wedding

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you with love: Russ and Lacie, husband and wife!

The bride and groom were both aglow on this gorgeous June day that was simply all about their love for each other. With the photographer (Caroline Cavalcante Photography), venue coordinator, and chauffeur as their only witnesses, Russ and Lacie united in marriage surrounded by nature on the beautiful grounds of The Landing 1841. It was a lovely honor to get to know this wonderful couple and to officiate their wedding ceremony.

Enjoy a few excerpts from this special ceremony below.


We give abundant thankfulness for this day, this most joyous and beautiful day, as your two souls unite in marriage. While the two of you stand here alone, may you feel the love from your families surround you. May you also know in your hearts that your loved ones gone before you are looking over this union with love, especially Lacie’s mom, Debbie, and Little Russ.

Who would’ve known that a giant spider on the side of a roller coaster would spark a love story? From co-workers to soulmates and over the span of 17 years, you both have grown together in such a beautiful, everlasting way.

I heard you both express the same sentiment. Lacie said, “I would not be Lacie without Russ.” And Russ said, “I would not be Russ without Lacie.” Love lifts people up. Love brings people to a whole new level. While you are both strong individuals, each of you makes the other the very best version of themselves. What a gift! What a blessing! To be forever entwined with another person that understands, accepts, appreciates, and nourishes your soul. When life and love are simple and when life and love are more challenging, cherish each other and this true love always.


Love isn’t always perfect. It isn’t a fairytale or a storybook. And it doesn’t always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. It is a short word, easy to spell, difficult to define, and impossible to live without. Love is work, but most of all, Love is realizing that every hour, every minute, and every second was worth it because you did it together.



(Lacie) Russell, I love you with all my heart.

Every day I am grateful to have you in my life.

You are my person to talk to about family, friends, work, and everything in between. I promise to listen to you when you talk cars. I promise to take care of you. I promise to love, support, help, and encourage you when life is good and bad.

Today I am excited and proud to call you my husband. I promise to be loyal to you and your family. Thank you for accepting my family for who they are and thank you for accepting me for who I am.

I am the happiest when I am with you, and I choose you. I will choose you over and over without pause, and without doubt, I will keep choosing you.

I love you.

(Russ) The Day

The day has come.

Today is the way that my Best Friend becomes my Wife.

Today we start our new beginning for the rest of our lives.

I promise to be the best husband I can be.

I will love you always and forever.


To Russ & Lacie and a lifetime of love! Cheers!

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