Letter #32 6/14/21

Stories of A Lifetime Presents: “The Letters”

Community correspondence sparked from the isolating 2020 pandemic focused on easing the burden of loneliness. 

Hello, my name is Holly. I am 41 years old and a single mom of a 10-year-old boy named Easton. His father passed away from cancer three years ago. I enjoy writing, I love history, and I like DIY home projects. I miss my grandma, and I know that if she were alive, she’d be so happy to receive a letter. It wouldn’t matter if the writing was profound or merely about what I ate for dinner, it would make her smile. So, my friend, I’d like to write some letters to you. It will help me feel useful and less lonely, and I hope the letters help you and that they spark you to reminisce about your own life, love, and good times.


June 14th, 2021

Dear Friend,

Happy Flag Day! It was beautiful to see more flags flying around town and people dressed in red, white, and blue. I had a meeting last Friday, and one of the ladies in charge is so good about dressing for every occasion. She was all decked out for Flag Day and gave everyone red, white, and blue flower leis. That was very fun and thoughtful of her.

My son, Easton, completed 4th grade. I can’t believe he’s a big 5th grader now! Oh, my friend, he’s getting so grown up. Do you have any children? Looking back, raising them goes by pretty quickly, right? What were your favorite summertime activities with your kids?

We are off to a great start for summer! He placed 4th in his Cub Scout fishing derby last weekend. It was very exciting. Do you fish? They provided the scouts with little containers of corn and hot dog pieces to use as bait. Easton was so patient and persistent using the corn and hot dogs- that kept falling off the hook. Finally, a fish took the corn and Easton reeled in a 7 ½” fish. Yay! He was a little hesitant about helping the fish off the hook, but he managed. The fish was measured and returned to the pond to possibly search for more corn and hot dogs. Easton’s dad was an avid fisherman. I’m glad Easton enjoys this activity, too. We plan to spend more time fishing this summer.

It’s funny, as a child summers seemed endless. There were days upon days upon days of no school and no shoes and freedom to do whatever. As an adult, summer seems to consist of merely a few quick weekends. My son and I made a list of things we’d like to do. Nothing on the list is major, but it’s a full list of fun, local things to do like go to the bike races at the Velodrome, watch the water ski show, hike different trails, and play tennis. I found very cheap airline tickets and was going to surprise him with a getaway; however, upon further planning, I discovered there were no hotel rooms left and the rental car would cost over $700 for four days. So, that getaway will have to wait.

Happy Father’s Day this coming weekend! If you are a father/father-figure, I hope you have a wonderful day and know that you are loved and appreciated. Do you have any special traditions for Father’s Day? This year, my son and I are going to begin work on a special garden area in remembrance of his dad. He has some good ideas to add rocks and flowers and maybe even a cherry tree that his dad liked. I think it will be a lovely space for us. Later this summer my dad is taking Easton to scout camp. We are all excited about that! My dad was an Eagle Scout, and he is grateful he can share this adventure with his grandson.

With love,



If you’d like to write back to me, you are very welcome to.

I will get a PO Box soon and let you know what that is. For now, maybe someone could help you scan and email your letters back to me at Holly@StoriesofALifetimeLLC.com. Otherwise, maybe you’ll find it helpful to just journal your thoughts and write them down without sending them.

You do what is helpful to you, friend.

Conversation Starters:

Do you have any children? Looking back, raising them goes by pretty quickly, right? What were your favorite summertime activities with your kids? Do you fish? Do you have any special traditions for Father’s Day?

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