Chuck & Becky Wedding

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you with love: Chuck and Becky, husband and wife!

This wonderful couple united in marriage on the deck of the Lady of The Lake as the sun set on Lake Geneva. Guests immensely enjoyed the nautical celebration for the bride and groom. A live wedding singer kept the dance floor hopping, and the evening cruise under the stars was phenomenal. While planning the ceremony, as the couple learned that my husband and I are “boat people,” too, they included him in the guest list which made for a great time of mixing work with extra fun. As our friendships grew, the couple even “borrowed” some ideas from my own nautical-themed wedding the year before. It was a lovely honor to get to know the bride and groom and to officiate their wedding.

Enjoy a few excerpts from this special ceremony below.


We are truly blessed with how people are placed in our lives according to God’s plan but most especially according to God’s timeframe. Chuck and Becky, it may have seemed like a lifetime went by and then suddenly there you both were- placed with gentle perfection by God onto the same path, and, somehow, everything that came before made sense because everything going forward would be appreciated to the depths of your souls. A lifetime of lessons and growth to get here- to this day- to this moment- have proven to be the most beautiful gift to your relationship. Now, with the wisdom of age and with eyes and hearts wide open, you choose each other and embrace your happily ever after.

Today, in the presence of these witnesses, Chuck and Becky are ready to be united as a family. Also sharing in the love of this growing family are Becky’s children Amber, Clayton, and Jacquelin, grandchildren Nathan, Nolan and now Walter, and a special Goldendoodle, Ruby. With faith in each other and faith in God, may Chuck and Becky’s marriage and family be blessed with eternal love and togetherness.


Chuck and Becky are both boat lovers. They have a beautiful boat and enjoy their time out on the water. In fact, Chuck may just be in this for Becky’s prime Geneva Lake boat slip. Joking of course!

There is a simple knot that is essential to learn in the boating world. It’s just a clove hitch, but I think it’s great. I’m a boat lover as well, and this knot has become quite fascinating to me for how symbolic it is.

As Chuck will show us, there are two loops, and then the loops get a little twist, and if it is not put on anything it’s nothing. It all just falls apart. However, if those two loops that get a little twist are put around a post, then it’s super strong. It can hold a boat securely through even the worst storms and roughest waters. I love it!

So, when we take our love for another and do a little twist (life) but don’t focus it, don’t tie it around something, it all falls apart. But, if we take Becky’s love, one loop, and Chuck’s love, another loop, and do a little twist of life and tie it firmly around a solid foundation, then the bond stays strong. It’s all good. The knot can weather any storm. You won’t go adrift.

This beautiful 3-part post made by Chuck is symbolic for the foundation that they are tying their knot around. A post of 3- the 3 entities in their marriage, and no the 3rd isn’t Ruby, their precious Goldendoodle. This marriage is between Chuck and Becky and God. Just like securing a boat to the pier with a clove hitch, two loops with a twist, Chuck and Becky secure their marriage to God, the strongest foundation that can weather any storm and keep them from going adrift.

Chuck and Becky plan to tie another knot around these posts every year on their anniversary.

So, time for you two to tie the knot!



(Chuck) Today, as we stand here surrounded by the beauty of this moment, I am reminded you have taught me that two people joined together with respect, trust, and open communications can be far stronger than each could ever be alone. You are the strength I didn’t know that I needed and the joy that I didn’t know I lacked.

I declare my eternal love and commitment to you, my beautiful Becky. I am grateful for the love we share and the life we are building together. With you by my side I am whole, and with the guidance and blessings of our Lord Jesus, I know that our love will endure and flourish.

Forever and always, my heart is yours.


(Becky) God has given us a second chance at happiness……What a blessing to find each other and merge our lives together at this juncture.

I believe our marriage is a flame lit by God.

I choose to give you my whole heart with abiding courage and faith.

I choose to laugh, cry, and grow old with you.

I choose to respect, encourage, and support you.

I choose our unconditional love..

I will cherish our friendship and I will love you today, tomorrow, and forever.

May our marriage be a gift to the world and our families, as your love is a gift to me.


Chuck and Becky, may you keep your marriage securely anchored to God so that you never go adrift. Cheers!

Wedding Singer- Randy McCallister Music

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