Jaime Gonzalez

Jaime Gonzalez

March 29th, 1976 – August 4th, 2020

*Author’s Note: With the service having taken place during the pandemic restrictions of Summer 2020, many friends and loved ones were not able to attend. The following are excerpts from the Celebration of Life service for Jaime “Jimmy” Gonzalez for you to read, reflect, and pay your respects privately. 

It is only natural that we experience great sadness today, because in a practical sense, Jimmy is no longer a physical presence in our lives. We have a powerful sense of loss. One cause of the pain you feel today may be because you didn’t get to say good-bye. Jimmy’s death was sudden and we are left with questions, heartache, and a situation we couldn’t control. You no longer have Jimmy right here but maybe just maybe you can have enough faith that where he is he is ok…and that you, too, will eventually be more ok than you are right now. Grief is a journey. Look around you. Know that you do not walk this journey alone.

Where we are experiencing his loss- a missing piece- Jimmy is experiencing completeness- wholeness. He is reunited with his parents, grandma, cousin, friends, and other loved ones. He is surrounded by love.

He would not want your hearts to be troubled. May you find comfort in sweet memories, may you find peace in the ways you find him to still be a part of your present, and may you find hope in being reunited with him some day in the kingdom of God.

A popular saying is, “What the caterpillar perceives as the end, to the butterfly is just the beginning.” What we perceive as the end of Jimmy’s life here on this earth is only the beginning of his eternal life with God.

While 44 years seems to have gone by way too quickly, there are many good times to cherish and memories to share. He was born in Puerto Rico and adopted into a loving family. He loved working with horses and was skilled at breaking in horses. He was talented artistically. He was loved by a lot of people. Kids especially liked him and he loved all children. He enjoyed a diverse range of music. His brother William recalls that while Jimmy grew up to be a very clean and hygienic adult, it seems like yesterday that little Jimmy was in elementary school and was obsessed with an A-Team muscle shirt that he wouldn’t take off and wouldn’t want washed. Time went fast. Even though Jimmy battled some demons there was still so much left that he wanted to do in life. May we learn from his time and learn to embrace our own lives and our own precious time.


Jimmy is loved and missed by many including his girlfriend Melissa, his mother, his brothers Jorge and William, his sister Idalia, all of his children Sean William, Kelsey, Jimmy Lee, Maya, My’Lee, Gianna, and Dallas. May we keep them all in our hearts and prayers and help them on their grief journey.


The family has chosen a beautiful closing song, “Calma”, calm. I pray you find a way to be calm and at peace. Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.


Jaime’s cremains will be brought home to Puerto Rico to be with his mother.

My sincere condolences and love, Holly

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